Body, Mind and Spirit Approach

Why a Body Mind Spirit Approach to Mental health?

Many of us are living lives that hope only to manage the negative symptoms we are experiencing. What if it were possible to identify the origin of these symptoms and heal the wound?

A multi-faceted approach that includes body, mind, and spirit is necessary to find the deep lasting healing because we are injured and heal on all 3 of these levels. Our bodies keep score of the painful experiences, false mindset, and patterns we are all exposed to in living in imperfect environments. While our minds may have the best intentions, our bodies and subconscious mind often override these intentions.

I provide clients tools that address the whole person and help them explore the root of their symptoms with safety, acceptance, and calm bodies. It is powerful to see people finally able to break free of thoughts, emotions, and patterns that were never part of their true self and to live out their purpose and passion in life.

Published by Sommer A. Seitz, MA, LMHC

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specially trained to work with couples, families, individuals, and children. I consider myself a “root therapist” and seek to discover the underlying emotions, memories, beliefs, and unmet needs that drive many mental health issues. I believe that all people have the capacity to improve their lives when given a safe place to heal, tools that address their whole person (body, mind, and spirit), and are mirrored their strengths. I am also trained to identify relational patterns in which we are commonly stuck and help clients break unwanted negative cycles. I am also a professional educator, previously teaching Spanish and English in public schools. My offices are in Winter Park, FL and Wenatchee, WA.